Raw Vengeance Games

 I can't sign in!

There can be several reasons causing you to be unable to sign in. Below you can find checklist for each scenario.

I am not receiving a sign in email

  • Did you enter the right email address? Our system will always say that it has sent an email, even if that email does not exist (this is for security reasons). If you don't have an account yet on Raw Vengeance, create an account first before you try to sign in.

  • Did you check your SPAM-folder? Yeah... it happens sometimes... Make sure to add us to your contactlist so it won't happen in the future!

  • How long has it been? It sometimes can take up to 5 minutes for us to deliver the email, usually done in a couple of seconds though.

  • Is your mailprovider down? Make sure to check their status, sometimes their servers are down, causing us to be unable to deliver your email.

I clicked the sign in link, but it didn't log me in

Please raise a ticket.